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Upground Park, 6A Dimitrie Pompeiu, BOB Building, 3rd floor Vezi harta

Our office


Our office

Despre Stefanini Romania
We are an IT outsourcing company that is not trying to create the perfect working place - we all know that`s virtual-reality. We are focusing on building an upbeat place where people can develop through technical skills in an international environment.

Iulia Furică

Project Manager Invest Europe

My vision is to build a team that reaches for the highest mountain as one, but conquers big obstacles as individuals.

citeste interviu

Cristian  -  Regional Service Manager

"Why nine years with the same company? Because I haven’t run out of things to learn and my creativITy is used to ITs fullest potential!"

Roxana  -  Quality Specialist

"Working with Stefanini for the last 3 years has taught me how important is to be a team player and that quality work comes with a lot of responsibility and dedication."

Ionut  -  Service Manager

"The sense of being part of something great and bringing value to other people is one of the best feelings I had while working in Stefanini."

Development Opportunities

Stefanini strongly believes that your development is also our development. Expending your skills will help you succeed in your professional goals and we keep our promise by offering solid training programs for soft skills and technical knowledge. We assist you in finding the most suitable career path in line with your aspirations and competencies. On your way to success, you can also benefit of the Stefanini University or the internships programs.

Our story

We strongly believe in building a place for happy people through respect for our planet, coffee for our colleagues, positive experiences for our visitors, results in our work, trust in ourselves, relaxation in our agenda. Our company is built on sharing the same value in every international project that we are developing. Our secret stands behind the smile.

Office life

Our office is not only about completed tasks, but about a Stefanini way of working – we deliver results in a sustainable environment where we can bring in our hobbies and exercise our passions through internal events. When we don’t train our digital skills, we socialize a lot. Join us for a coffee! We have the perfect terrace for it.

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