SQL Developer @ Ipsos Interactive Services

Headquarter – Bucuresti: Splaiul Independentei nr. 319, Riverview House Building, sectorul 6. Metrou: Petrache Poenaru;Office – Brasov: Str. Turnului nr. 5, Coressi Business Park Vezi harta
Tip job: Full time Domeniu: Market research
Nivel: Mid Level
Orase: Braşov (Braşov), Bucureşti (Bucureşti)

Despre Ipsos Interactive Services

Ipsos Interactive Services (IIS) Romania este Centrul de Excelenta in Colectare Online de Date al grupului Ipsos – a 3-a companie de cercetare de piata la nivel international cu prezenta extinsa in 9...

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Aptitudini necesare:  

  • SQL
  • MS SQL



The person holding this position will work with a team of business analysts in the implementation of various requests: developing new code for internal databases, reviewing code and fixing performance issues, adding new features in databases, developing reports etc.


- Analyze the functional and non-functional needs detailed by product managers and synthesizes data structure concepts for different platforms.

- Create database structures from concept to implementation, taking into account data integrity, concept consistency and system performance

- Develop queries having in mind stability, integrity, optimal performance, security and quick response

- Create and optimize SQL scripts individually or in collaboration with the team, according to the established requirements

- Resolve problems on SQL servers and implement solutions to avoid problems in the future.

- Write documentation and specifications for databases and own code

- Apply methods of extraction, loading and processing of data

- Run predefined reports and build reports to extract the necessary data

- Investigate in real time, and until a resolution is obtained, problems that appeared on servers or in applications.

- Define processes, automate processes (if executed manually) and document changes.


- Good knowledge of SQL language and the main database systems (Microsoft SQL a must. Any other, such as PosgreSQL or MySQL are a plus)

- Working experience  (+2 years) with MSSQL relational databases, Posgres

- Able to identify and analyze the problems encountered in the operation and performance of databases, able to identify a solution to these problems

- Knowledge of archiving, data restoration and other data recovery

- Flexibility / ability to work in a flexible environment with frequent process changes and project allocation variations

- The ability to organize, estimate the duration of tasks according to their complexity, plan activities and execute them independently or with the team

- The ability to work in parallel on several projects and to exchange tasks or activities between them, even teams when appropriate.