Tineri Antreprenori: Hazem Sherif, Founder @ Creative & Verdi
Publicat pe 10 Decembrie 2016

Sasha Dobre
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Tineri Antreprenori: Hazem Sherif, Founder @ Creative & Verdi

As you can see, I chose this interview to be in English, not to get fancy but because of a nobel cause, of course: our guest, Hazem Sherif is straight from (drums, drums) Egyyypt. Besides the fact that I love the mystery of this country, it seems like its people are nice and very warm. And I’m really glad that I have the chance to understand more about them and their culture by knowing Hazem.

I met him this summer, when he came from so far away to make an impact in Romanian society by being a volunteer for students. In one of our discussions, he mentioned about his work in marketing. I found out that he owns 2 creative businesses, one for marketing & advertising and the other for events. I felt so much passion while he was speaking about his work, that I definitely wanted to get to know more. And now I am sharing with you what I discovered:



Hazem Sherif Ahmed Gaber


Studies background & work experience


Name of the brands - mission & vision

Creative marketing&advertising agency and Verdi events           


Creative: work in marketing campaigns, social media management, make marketing strategy, printing works, out doors campaigns - all of them worldwide.

Verdi: organizing events 

Vision: We see the world from different perspectives, we create new ways and ideas in our marketing campaigns and our events in order for the final result to be different, effective and focused on quality.


How did the story of the brands begin?

We are three partners in our company: Ahmed, Yousry and me. All of us are at the same college and when we entered it, we joined a team (vision team), where we had to organize students' activities, like trips or study groups. We started to get to know each other and after a while we decided to leave the team and start our own business.

At the beginning, we just knew that we want our own thing, so we faced a very important question: in which field to start? We asked ourselves what are we interested in? It was clear for us that Ahmed is interested in writing, Yousry in marketing and I like to organize events. So we all agreed to make Creative for marketing and advertising and Verdi for organizing events.




What motivated you to break the limits?

Only one thing: the belief. We believe in ourselves and in what we are doing. Most of all, we trust that one day we will achieve what we want.


What would be 3 things you wish you have known when you first started the business?

First, I think all of us wish to have known more about the capital, because we started our business with zero capital so we faced many difficult problems on our way. Even if it wasn’t easy at all, from each situation we’ve learned so much and we always chose not to stop, but to try again and again, in order to actually succeed in the end. 

The other 2 things which certainly would have made our mission easier: knowing and understanding better the people and the market, because we realized in the process that we don’t have enough experience with them.


Which are the moments in your business that you are proud of? 

I guess every time when we face a problem or a difficult situation and we don’t give up, but instead try to solve it, is the main reason which makes us proud of what we do. 

Though, we can point one best moment, until now: an event in Alexandria that we organized and it was the biggest event ever in the city - a big achievement for us, too because we didn’t organized event like this before.




The last 2 books you have read

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Blue elephant by Ahmed Morad


What is your morning ritual?

Every day is a new start for me. I wake up, drink my coffee and after that I start to write down what I have to do in that day. Usually, if I have a course at the college I attend it, if I don’t, I go to my office to work.


What is the best purchase up to 10 euros?

A ticket to a concert of an Egyptian singer (Dina Elwdidi)


Which activities relax you the most?

I realized that the best way to relax is to tell someone about my experience and help people with my story. That’s why the best moments in my life happened when I was in Romania and transferred to students my experience to make them more aware about the future and about how to start a business with zero capital.


Development plans for your brand

I want to make my company the best company in the world when it comes to quality of the services that we deliver in our fields. I know it’s a big dream, but I know we will do it.


How do you encourage young people to follow their passion?

I just want to tell everyone: Believe in yourself, never give up and yes, you can do it!

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