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Publicat pe 18 Aprilie 2018


G2 Travel was founded in 2012 by a highly experienced team with an impressive background. If you are about to start your professional career, G2 Travel is the perfect place to be. We prepared you an interview with Elena Gamulea, Head of Human Resources, who will offer you more tips and tricks about how to write your CV and how to prepare for an interview at G2 Travel.



  1. How should candidates write their CV to apply for G2?

In my opinion, a well-structured CV can help any recruiter in the screening process and gives candidates more chances to be selected for an interview.

Just make sure you design it by following several sections such as:

  • Personal Data & Contact details
  • Work Experience & Special projects
  • Education & Certifications
  • Main Skills and Competences
  • Language Skills

Don’t try to impress by offering too many details. A very short and concise CV won’t help you either. Just be balanced and choose to write only relevant information.

There is no need to choose a special template (Europass). My suggestion is to be creative if you apply for a job where creativity is required among the main skills, like Marketing Specialist, PR or Communication Specialist, etc.


  1. Which are the first three things you look for when you are reading a CV?

Special Projects, Language skills and contact data.


  1. What are the main steps of the recruitment and selection process in G2?

Any selection process starts with a job analyses, which is usually a meeting between the hiring manager and the recruiter. The purpose of this analyses is to set up the main specific required skills and the so called “ideal candidate profile”.

The next step is CV’s screening after the job is posted on all sourcing channels. A short phone interview might follow, especially if language competences are necessary for the role.

The selected candidates will be invited to a face to face interview with HR representative and the Line Manager. In some cases the short listed applicants will have to pass a second stage which is a role play. The topics are usually sent to candidates before so as they can prepare in advance. We also use a personality instrument before making the offer to the final candidate.


  1. How should candidates prepare for the interview at G2? What would you recommend them?

The most important thing is to be natural and honest. Try to demonstrate self-confidence and motivation. Be curious and ask questions to make sure you understand the role you are applying for and decide if it is the right choice for you. We treat candidates as dialogue partners and appreciate common sense and open attitude.

Before getting ready for an interview, just make sure you are able to objectively self-evaluate your abilities, strong points and areas of development. Think what are the things you like about G2 and try to see if your values and beliefs match our principles of working, collaborating and growing together.


  1. Why should candidates apply for G2?

G2 Travel can be both a good start for your career in case you have just finished your studies and a development opportunity for those with previous experience in travel business, customer care or other operational centres.

To help you understand better why you should apply for G2, I will let you know what are the conclusions of an employee satisfaction survey from December last year. These are the answers that most of our people gave when they were asked the question: “What do you like about working at G2?”:


  • The environment (dynamic, stimulating, open, friendly, pleasant, good coffee)
  • The relationship with the direct manager; management team is easy to approach
  • The team (relationship with colleagues, everybody is supportive and nice)
  • The field of activity – travel
  • Cultural diversity, international relationship with partners and colleagues from other offices
  • Development opportunities (learning new things everyday)
  • Travel opportunities
  • flexibility of the working schedule
  • getting feedback from managers and peers
  • the possibility of using and developing language skills
  • the work itself
  • stability, job security
  • the parties and events the company organised for the employees


Discover the company and more development opportunities @ G2 Travel!

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