Creatives BnB by Adina & Bryan [Interview]
Publicat pe 22 Septembrie 2016

Lavinia Vladu
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Creatives BnB by Adina & Bryan [Interview]

I came across this awesome idea on Facebook, where I spotted the Creatives BnB page and lots of posts from my friends about this new website where you can actually meet Creative Directors in a more personal and meaningful way. When Sandra shared the posts, I wrote her a message to introduce me to the creators of Creatives BnB and she instantly organized a Facebook group with me, Adina & Bryan. Thank you, Sandra ?

These guys are so responsive, creative, young and passionate and the more I find out about their idea, the more I love it. So I asked them to answer a few questions to share their story. Enjoy! ?






Hi! We are Adina Cirstea, Copywriter, and Bryan Minton, Junior Art Director, from McCann Bucharest.


 Studies background& work experience

Adina: I’ve graduated the Journalism and Communication University and have a Masters in Communication at University of Vienna.

I’ve worked in PR for a while, in Vienna and then in Bucharest. Truth is, I always wanted to work in advertising, so I went to ADC school, met some creatives, did a nice portfolio (at least this is what I like to believe) and came to McCann.


Bryan: I went to college in Holland where I studied advertising. I came to Romania 1 year ago. My birth family was here – I was adopted when I was 5 months, but I always wanted to learn more about Romania, and the people. So I decided to stay for a while – I got a job at one of the ad agencies in Romania, then came to McCann Bucharest.



We started from the insight that people who want to get into advertising find it hard to reach Creative Directors when they want a job or an internship.



Mission & Vision for your campaign

We want to offer aspiring creatives the chance to meet a Creative Director in a more personal and meaningful way, so they can get to know each other and see if they could work together.


What`s the story behind the campaign?

The brief was to create a crowdfunding campaign that would cover the expenses for our trip to ADC*E Awards in Barcelona, to be part of the Young Jury.

We started from the insight that people who want to get into advertising find it hard to reach Creative Directors when they want a job or an internship. Especially if they don’t have a portfolio, it’s very hard to be noticed by a CD.

That’s why we came up with Creatives BnB, a platform where we put up an auction for people who are passionate about advertising where they can bid for an experience with their favorite Creative Director: like having a couple of beers together, watching a Champions League football game or playing chess with them at their place.


What`s the meaning of the campaign`s title?

Creatives BnB is the platform where juniors get to meet Creative Directors not over Facebook, not over a coffee, but in their home, where they can cross the barriers of an usual interview. Initially, this was meant to be a platform similar to Airbnb, where you could actually sleep in a CD’s home. But we figured that might be too intrusive, so we went for other experiences like drinking wine & eating pasta on the balcony or setting up a FIFA night.


How can people contribute to your campaign`s growth?

Anyone who is interested to get into advertising can bid for an experience with a Creative Director. The more people share and show interest in our campaign, the more our campaign grows.


Message for followers

If you want to get a job in advertising, this is your first step: bid to meet a Creative Director.

The auction ends Thursday night (September 22).

However, if the campaign will be a success and people will like it, we might consider doing another round next year, why not.  ?